Brand-Safe Advertising

"Clean" ads are brand-safe ads that are actually seen by real people on brand-safe, clutter-free websites. See how they can perform for you.

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Innovative Ads To Get You Seen

In-View Display Ads
All ads on the CleanMedia platform are 100% viewable so you can be assured that your display ads will be seen by a real person.

In-View Video Ads
Our CleanMedia viewable video ad units focus on keeping content in-view. Since we work directly with our websites you get the best posible CPMs by cutting out the middlemen.

Native Style Ads
In content native ads will be coming soon for our advertisers.

High Impact Ads
Do you have a high impact HTML5 ad that you want to run? We can support that too.

The CleanMedia Difference

CleanMedia works directly with Brand Safe ("Clean") advertisers and publishers. CleanMedia is changing the ad industry for the better.

Only Viewable Ad Impressions

We believe that a big part of "Clean" advertising is based on real people really seeing your ads, so our ad platform only counts an ad view when a person actually sees it on the page.

Real-Time IVT Filtering

We have proprietary real-time filtering for IVT (invalid traffic), and ad per page content density.

Brand-Safe Websites

Protect the integrity of your brand with ads that reflect the values of your audience.

Advanced Reporting

Monitor your ad campaign performance with an easy-to-use real-time interface. You can start or stop your ad campaigns anytime.

Real-Time Optimization

We dynamically optimize your ad placements to get the most out of your budget, no matter the size.

Lower Your CPMs

CleanMedia works directly with thousands of brand-safe websites getting you access to their website at a fraction of the cost of going through a traditional ad network or agency.

How Much Does It Cost?

You are in control and set your own budget

With CleanMedia you decide how much you spend on your campaigns. Our platform is bid based and fully self-service, so you actually set your daily budget and your bid (either CPM Cost per 1000 viewable impressions or CPC cost per click). Also, there is no minimum ad spend or time commitments on your campaigns, you can start or stop them any time.

CPC or CPM Bid Types

CPC bidding means you pay for each click on your ads. In CPC campaigns, you set a cost per click bid and that's what you pay each time someone clicks your ad.

CPM bidding means you pay for each 1000 times your ad is actually viewed. In CPM campaigns, you set your bid based on ad views and that's what you pay each time 1000 people see your ads.

Daily Budget and Bid

Your daily budget specifies how much you're comfortable spending each day for your Campaign. You can adjust it anytime.

Your bid specifies how much you're willing to pay for a click (CPC) or for each 1000 times your ad is viewed (CPM)

Campaign Dates

You set your start and end date for your ad campaign and your ads will automatically start on the start date and automatically end on the end date. Since CleanMedia is a self-serve ad platform you can always stop your ads manually anytime, or if you want to ads to run continuously you can leave your end date blank and it'll run until you stop them.

Viewable Ads

We only charge for viewable ads.

How Does It Work?
CleanMedia ad units automatically detect where on the page and what type of device is being used before the ads even try to load.

Why Does It Matter?
When you run your ads with most DSPs or Ad Networks what percent of your ads are even being seen. If only 50% of your ads are seen then you are really paying twice as much as you think for your ad campaigns.

IVT - Invalid Traffic Filtering

IVT isn't usually a websites fault with all of the bots and services that are constantly crawling the internet, but that's still not real person and you shouldn't have to pay for that ad view.

What is IVT?
Invalid traffic is any activity that doesn't come from a real user with genuine interest. For most websites we work with, it is something as simple as search engine bots that crawl their website. We agree that advertisers shouldn't pay for visitors who aren't real, so instead we filter those out before the web page loads so your ads are only served to real people.

How does it affect your ads?
If you're not filtering IVT, there's a chance that a portion of your ad budget is being spent on computers viewing your ads.

Only Brand-Safe (Clean) Websites

At CleanMedia we only serve brand-safe ads to brand-safe websites. We work directly with our websites and filter out any content that would be objectionable.

Content Filtering
CleanMedia has built custom content filtering solutions to make sure that your ad isn't seen next to "spammy", fraudulent, viruses, or innapropriate website content. Since we work directly with our websites we also manually verify that the website stays compliant.

Bad ads on the same page
Since CleanMedia only serves brand-safe ads to the websites we work with you can feel comfortable that your brand won't be seen on a website next to an ad that might be not brand-safe.

Will it work for me?

CleanMedia has a easy to use self-serve ad platform so it's really easy to get a quick test campaign up and running to see how well brand-safe advertising might work for your brand.

About Us

Why CleanMedia?

We chose the name "CleanMedia" not only a as goal but a promise. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, non brand safe websites and ads can ruin your credibility and your brands value. At CleanMedia our mission is to connect brand safe websites with brand safe advertisers while cutting out all of the middlemen. We promise to constantly work to maintain and improve a "Clean" ad environment for our publishers and advertisers.

Our Story

At CleanMedia we started as publishers ourselves and realized how hard it was to eliminate inappropriate and non brand safe ads. We also realized how hard and time consuming it was for publishers to manage all of the constantly changing technology and work directly with advertisers. That's why we make it easy for advertisers and websites to grow their brands in a safe and profitable way.

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Connecting your business to brand safe websites through highly targeted banner and video ad campaigns, generating a high Return On Investment (ROI) running your ad campaigns on "Clean" websites.

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