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You build your website and we handle the ads. Brand-safe ads with a revenue guarantee.

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Higher Revenue For Every Impression

The CleanMedia Advantage. Direct Ad Inventory To Fuel Your Revenue Growth.

Direct & Programmatic Advertisers

CleanMedia gives publishers access to direct advertising inventory not found anywhere else. We cut out the middleman working with both direct and programmatic partners for maximum efficiency and monetization.

Highest Possible Income

Earn the most for each page view with our programmatic technology, team of digital specialists and strong industry partners.

Display & Video Monetization

Monetizing dozens of ad types across display and video means we will create the right mix of ad units to fit your site’s layout and content.

Minimum Revenue Guarantee

See How Much You Can Earn With CleanMedia

Tell us about your website and one of publisher monetization specialists will let you know how much you can be guaranteed to earn with CleanMedia's unique approach.

Innovative Ads, More Revenue

In-View Video Ads

Our CleanMedia viewable ad units focus on keeping content in-view producing more revenue. These innovative units pay you to promote your own content, converting trending publisher articles into buzz worthy videos. We can grow video viewership numbers keeping users on page longer while also establishing a new revenue stream!

In-View Display Ads

Our ad tech analyzes the site layout and content inserting ads in the perfect spots for optimized viewability without overcrowding the page. The ads load as the visitor scrolls down the page.

True Direct Ad Sales

At CleanMedia we don't just send your traffic to 3rd party ad networks and hope someone is interested, we actually contact direct advertisers on your behalf to get real direct ad campaigns.

Full-Time Sales Rep

In addition to representing and optimizing your website with large national ad networks, publishers with CleanMedia get an actual sales rep who will contact and promote your website to direct advertisers.

Direct Order System

In addition to a sales rep you will also get a branded self-serve order system to make it easy for advertisers to place their ads on your website.

Viewable Ad Units

All of our ad units automatically optimize for viewability.

How Does It Work?

CleanMedia ad units automatically detect where on the page and what type of device is being used before the ads even try to load.

Why Does It Matter?

Advertisers are getting more sophisticated with which websites they spend money on, and they have figured out to avoid sites with low ad viewability. CleanMedia fixes this by only selling viewable ads, making your website more valuable in the long run.

IVT - Invalid Traffic

IVT isn't usually a websites fault, even though advertisers and ad networks will punish the website for it. We filter out 99.9% of all IVT (Invalid Traffic) before the advertisers or 3rd party ad networks ever see it.

What is IVT?

Invalid traffic is any activity that doesn't come from a real user with genuine interest. For most websites we work with, it is something as simple as search engine bots that crawl your site. We agree that advertisers shouldn't pay for visitors who are real, so instead of letting them pay you lower rates overall we make sure that ads are only served to real people.

How does it affect your revenue?

Advertisers decrease the overall ad rates they are willing to pay based on the amount of invalid traffic they believe is going to your website. If the IVT is too high they will blacklist your website and not buy any ads at all.

Only Brand-Safe (Clean) Ads

At CleanMedia we only serve brand-safe ads. Whether we are serving direct ads or programmatic ads we filter out all non "Clean" ads.

Ad Filtering

CleanMedia has built custom ad filtering solutions to make sure that no "spammy", fraudulent, viruses, or innapropriate image ads get displayed on your website. All of our direct ad campaigns are reviewed and approved by a real person.

Clean Ads increase your sites value

Clean ads increase the overall value of your website. Not only do advertisers not want to be seen next to brand-safe ads, but your website users judge your website based on the ads they see and if they don't like what they see they will stop visiting.

The CleanMedia Difference

CleanMedia takes on the role of your exclusive advertising manager and lets you effortlessly grow your revenue with clean, brand-safe ads.

Customized Ad Strategy

We'll work with you to build a custom plan for your website

Guaranteed Minimums

We offer guaranteed monthly minimum ad revenue for new publishers to ensure you get paid.

Brand-Safe Ads

Protect the integrity of your site or brand with ads that reflect the values of your audience.

Advanced Reporting

Monitor traffic and advertiser performance for all of your website with an easy-to-use interface.

Real-Time Optimization

We dynamically optimize your revenue, constantly working to increase the overall value of your website.

Hands-Off Management

As your exclusive representative, you won't have to lift a finger to get new advertisers or optimize your ad spaces - we'll do it for you.



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